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Mint’s Day at Dandelion

It’s only human nature to become so consumed by the twists and turns of our own lives –  and often we find ourselves normalising access to essential items. This means it’s sometimes easy to lose sight of what vulnerable members of our community may be going through.

From within the hustle and bustle of Caringbah, Dandelion works tirelessly to fill the void and provide support for underprivileged children and families. On Tuesday the 14th of December, Mint Marketing had the opportunity to cut ties with their desks for the day and enjoy some hands-on work at the Dandelion HQ.

On arrival our eager Minties were taken on a warehouse tour and shown first-hand the sheer level of overwhelming community generosity. However, great quantities of donations mean a great workload for Dandelion’s staff. Dandelion accepts, sorts and safety checks all children’s clothing and nursery items to ensure families and children are provided the highest quality care and goods. Equipped with the run-down and ready to go, our Minties dived straight into whatever job came their way. 

The staff members at Dandelion were sure to keep our Minties busy, jam-packing the day with cleaning baby essentials, linen sorting, and Christmas present packing. Towards the end of the day, our Minties were humbled to be given the opportunity to personally sign and create baby boy linen packs. Often these packs are considered the backbone for vulnerable families welcoming a newborn into the world. Being given the opportunity to be a part of the process of alleviating the financial burden associated with caring for newborns was an extremely humbling experience.

Stepping foot into their warehouse, it’s extremely evident that Dandelion ingrain their values in every aspect of the rehoming process. While making a difference for families in need is at the forefront of their work, Dandelion also consider their environmental impact, intertwining sustainability into their processes in an effort to reduce their carbon footprint. 

Over the past 10 years, Dandelion have experienced great success, assisting nearly 10 000 families across Sydney and regional New South Wales. They continue to create a positive impact within our community through fostering partnerships with 200 hospitals and like-minded community service agencies for the facilitation of rehoming donated goods. Dandelion relies significantly on community generosity and compassion to continue making a difference, and here at Mint Marketing we are hopeful that our efforts have helped lift some Christmas spirits for those families in need.

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