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M.I.N.T. Preparation: The Key to Planning an Event

Looking to plan an event but are not sure where to start?

Well look no further than yours truly, the proud hosts and curators of the #WearLocal #WeAreLocal non-for-profit fashion event, Mint Marketing!

Event planning may seem daunting at first, but from what we have learned, the key to planning a successful event is preparation. M.I.N.T. preparation.

M. Mobilise Purpose and Scope

Every event should have a primary purpose that is achievable and actionable. This can be established through tangible goals and objectives that your organisation wishes to accomplish by the outcome of the event. And how, you may ask, can we do this? Well, us Minties have simplified it for you into one single question – why? The why behind the plan is key to mobilising your purpose. Understanding where you are going will not only get you there faster, but it will also ensure that it leads to even better planning and the proper allocation of your time and resources.

Once you have defined your purpose, you can now create a preliminary scope of the event. A scope should outline how you will achieve your goals and objectives by including key details such as the date, attendees, location, budget, and the type of event you wish to host. Framing your event around a scope builds a strong foundation for your organisation to move along to the next stage of planning.

I. Identify Target Audience

An event is for your audience, but if you don’t know your audience, what is the point in organising an event? Here at Mint, we recognise the importance of knowing the people you are planning to align your goals and objectives with. Identifying their characteristics, needs and media consumption habits will help you to figure out where to find them and determine how to reach them. Identification is key to interacting with current and prospective audiences, generating a scope for your client base, and expanding your reach and exposure for the event. Your audience is your communication as one without the other can make a perfectly planned event, imperfect in its understanding.

N. Network Brand Content

Here at Mint, we value branding. We value your purpose, your identity, and your story. We know that building a network is not possible without the right brand content. And we also know, that without the right brand content you will not be able to reach your audience. The success of an event is often dependent on the number of registrations and the degree to which the audience associates your brand with the event. Creating an inviting online presence and a relaxed in-person environment can stimulate conversation with your team and the attendees to strengthen your network and build brand association. Use your event as a talisman for your brand’s identity and story to make your attendees feel honoured to have shared a part in such a memorable experience.

T. Track Timeline Progress

While planning your event, it would also be a good idea to consider creating a detailed timeline. At Mint we found this helpful for tracking our progress to ensure we didn’t fall behind schedule, improving our communication amongst the team and assisting in managing accountability. A timeline can also be useful as scaffold to plan your next event by learning from previous mistakes and reviewing past approaches to certain tasks, all the while saving your future self the hassle of trying to remember everything.

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