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Mint Mention! How our ‘Game Changing’ Grant Writing Course Helped Community Organisations

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Mint Mention! How Our 'Game Changing' Grant Writing Course Helped Community Organisations 2

The article from the Cronulla Sharks, titled, “Workshop a game changer for community organisations”, highlights the positive impact of the complimentary grant writing course we provided for the team.

This article talks about the free grant writing workshop in April that was hosted by Sharks Have Heart and facilitated by Mint’s CEO and the Sutherland Shire Business Chamber’s President, Jeanne Zweck, along with Dr Matilda Lucas who volunteered to offer mentoring and her expertise.

We always appreciate learning about the positive impact of our efforts. Recognising the pivotal role grants play in community organisations, we fully understand their significance. Rachel Allen, Sharks Have A Heart staff member, expressed, “Workshops like this help to better understand what grant providers are looking for and how we can better structure our applications to be more successful.” As specialists in grant writing, we were delighted to share our expertise to help our local community organisations.

This year, we launched our online Grant Writing Course ‘Strategies for Grant Success’. If you aspire to master the art of grant writing, seize the opportunity and purchase our course today!

“Workshop a game changer for community organisations” By Andie Robinson

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