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As a team of Brand Specialists and passionate Marketers, we can craft meaningful brands from existing stories that either need refreshing or a completely new curation.

Our #WearLocal #WeAreLocal brand is a prime example of how we use our strategic thinking to turn an idealised purpose into something engaging and memorable.


Formulating a strategy requires careful planning and a calculated approach. With people, markets and businesses constantly evolving, brands must be able to endure these changes to keep up with fluctuating consumer demands and maintain a reputation that is credible to their position in the market. A brand is an asset and it’s a valuable tool to service all touchpoints and draw on values that resonate with your target audience to facilitate a relationship and sustain a competitive advantage. This can be implemented through the strategic development of a business’s brand identity, marketing, creativity, digital and social media, workshop facilitation, and events. 


Branding had once been reduced to one aesthetic element – the logo. Now it is a combination of elements that go far beyond its visual component. Design, for example, further takes into consideration a business’s website, brochures, corporate identity, photography, and presentations. However, the degree of association that an individual has with your brand is often dependent on the harmonisation between its design and their perception. Hence, as design allows your brand to be recognised by current and prospective customers, you must ensure that it aligns with your brand promise to authenticate the business’s reputation and increase its value.


The content of a brand is simply the communication of its corporate literature, key messaging, and web material. As a deliverable, its purpose is to create relationships with consumers through features that distinguish your business from another. This can be achieved through consistent imagery and themes that are unique to your brand. Content also affects the intangible feelings your customers have when they interact with your business. So as a test to decide whether your business’s content is interesting enough, simply treat your brand like a person by asking yourself, “would I or anyone else want to have a conversation with them?” 


Rollout (you guessed it) is simply the how of your brand deployment. Although there are many ways a brand can be delivered to your customers and clients across traditional or digital platforms, first, it is important to consider the method of the implementation process. Here at Mint, as a part of our service, we focus on the modems of delivery by catering to your brand through personalised tools and templates, brand style guides, print production, training, writing guides, and workshops. This ensures that your brand’s online and offline presence is representative of who you are as a business and can reach your target audience to drive results, increase value and generate new customers.

So, leave your brand in the safe and capable hands of our team, and we’ll return it to you in MINT condition. 

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