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Building your brand on social media image

Building your Brand on Social Media

Building your brand on social media is important! It’s fair to say that social media is a fast-paced, ever-evolving space, and navigating that terrain as a business owner is perhaps more confusing now than it ever has been before!

Jeanne sat down with Mark Bouris – the Executive Chairman of Yellow Brick Road Group, and Chairman of Mentored – to discuss the tools and strategies that small-to-medium enterprise owners can use to attract their ideal customers.

Jeanne, Nathan (Birdie Wealth), Joel (Endeavour Wellness) and Mark (Yellow Brick Road Group) deep dive into:

> The differences to be aware of when posting on Facebook versus LinkedIn.

> Why it’s important to take people on a journey.

> How to build community around your brand.

> Why Value, Authenticity and Education are important.

> Should I post personal photos on my business page?

> How society is addicted to social media, and should you work that to your advantage?

> How to use Podcasts and Vodcasts to grow your business.

> How much time should you spend posting on social media?

Click here to watch the panel chat through some of the Shire business community’s burning social media questions!

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