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Our Team

We won’t rest until the job is done.
We work hard. We laugh together. We’re known for our dedication, perfectionism and creativity, and it shows – all our work is obtained by word of mouth.

Our collective

Every superhero has an equally invaluable side-kick, so we believe it’s the collective effort that claims victory. As a marketing team, we have worked seamlessly for many years: we know each other’s strengths and how to work together to achieve the best results for our clients. Our collective strength is what sets us apart.

Our team
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Our Team

Jeanne Zweck



Jeanne Zweck is the founder and driving force behind Mint with a passion for positive transformation. She brings over 25 years of marketing and tendering experience, focused on the business-to-business sector. Working closely with leadership teams, she facilitates workshops on branding, tender writing and bid-winning strategies, applying her strategic insight to define brand purpose or winning bid strategy and translate these into effective bids or marketing tools. Jeanne’s involvement in over $25 billion worth of PPP bids over the last 14 years has gifted her with an understanding of the challenges endemic to delivering tenders for major infrastructure projects, positioning Mint as a leader in this field. Accordingly, she has played an integral role in winning consortia for the Melbourne Metro Tunnel and Stations PPP, Northern Beaches Hospital PPP, Sydney Light Rail PPP, the new Perth Stadium PPP, the Sydney International Convention, Exhibition and Entertainment Precinct PPP, to name a few.

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Vanessa Valcas


B.Bus, CA, BAS

Our team wouldn’t survive without Vanessa – she’s across everything financial. Vanessa is a chartered accountant with over 25 years of experience, joining us from a corporate accounting background with Toyota Finance and Phillips Electronics, as well as a background in international bids. Vanessa brings a depth of knowledge to her role, ensuring the business operations are running efficiently and shaping the financial strategy for future growth and profitability. She is our go-to for anything to do with those pesky dollar signs and keeps the Mint team running like a well-oiled machine.

Alicja Hume

Desktop publisher and Graphic Designer

Shillington Design College

Say hello to Alicja, a graphic design gun and a true creative at heart! She brings a wealth of expertise from her previous work with large infrastructure and retail companies. From creating brand identities and corporate document templates to multimillion-dollar bids, packaging, and signage, she has done it all!  She believes that branding is not just about making things look nice, but about creating a connection with your audience and giving them a glimpse into the personality behind the business. As a graduate of Shillington Design College, Alicja brings a fresh and innovative approach to her work as a graphic designer. When she’s not designing, Alicja can be found behind the lens, capturing precious moments as a photographer or at her local beach learning to surf!  With her keen eye for aesthetics and her ability to think outside the box, she’s a valuable asset to our team at Mint Marketing. 

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Connor Knight

Graphic Designer

B.Des (Hons)

Bringing fresh creative thinking to Mint, Connor is a Graphic Designer with the ability to craft unique graphics and execute high-quality brand collateral. Graduating in 2023 from the University of New South Wales with a Bachelor of Design (Honours) and specialising in Experience and Graphic design, his honours project ‘Face First’ was featured in the Annual 2023 Exhibition. Passionate about user-centred, social and speculative design, when Connor is not working, he is honing his craft by creating experimental compositions or learning the newest design platforms.

Laura Young

Account Manager – Bid anD Marketing

M.PR, B. Com (PR)

Laura is one of the creative forces behind our marketing and branding campaigns. With a strong academic background, Laura injects a fresh perspective and invaluable insight into the Mint team. She plays an active role in both the marketing and tender sides of Mint, ensuring seamless communication with clients and developing all sorts of branding and marketing collateral. Beyond her marketing prowess, Laura’s creativity transcends into various realms, from crafting jewellery to casting pottery! 

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Sophie Sampson

Marketing Coordinator

Dip. Graphic Design, Studying B.Marketing & PR

As a lover of all things social media, our new Mintie Sophie knows how to tap into the pulse of online trends and create engaging content that captivates audiences. With a Diploma in Graphic Design and while currently pursuing a Bachelor’s of Marketing and Public Relations, Sophie brings a stylish touch to Mint. When Sophie is not busy studying, you can find her immersed in the world of fashion or practising pilates! Her dedication to staying on top of the latest industry trends makes her a valuable asset to our team.

Our Tender Experts

Alison Dear


Alison makes it happen! She brings over 18 years’ experience in designing, developing, and formatting print-ready and electronic documentation and communications. Offering a unique blend of creativity, problem solving and technological know-how, Alison also has a meticulous eye for detail, refined in the high-pressure environments of Macquarie Bank and UBS Investment Bank. Initially engaged by Mint to train our staff in advanced Microsoft Word, Alison officially joined our team for the WestConnex New M5 Main Works RFT and is integral to producing outstanding, uniquely branded bids. Her unflappable nature and impeccable work ethic result in an amazing output, no matter the challenges presented in meeting major bid deadlines.

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Bridget Atkinson


Bridget is the creative mastermind behind Mint. A graphic designer with the ability to successfully execute brands that stand out from the crowd, whether new or old she leads the way in the creation of brand strategies, digital design and user journeys, just to name a few. Bridget also has extensive experience working within the tender environment, creating winning tender documents, logos and executive summaries as the ‘last hands on’ polishing a tender. Together, Jeanne and Bridget have been developing brands for 25 years. Ultimately, Bridget can design anything! She’s listens to a brief and we think she may be able to read minds, as she can nail a design first go and come up with exactly what the client needs!

Kathleen Mason


Dip.FA, B.A

Kathleen loves to create! Whether it’s creating a new template for a corporate document or putting the final touches on a city-changing bid, Kath will always take it to the next level. She’s worked inhouse for top building contractors and also across major government projects, and we know that any document is safe in Kath’s trusted hands. When she’s not honing her desktop publishing skills, she’s creating the weird and wonderful. It might be oil painting, graphic design projects, textile art or thinking up ideas about growing carbon shapes. She is also our inhouse illustrator who created the imagery for this website.

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Kelly King


AdvDip Marketing, Dip. BA

King by name, Kelly is really the queen of driving change, whether in her local community as leader of the local women’s business network, for dyslexia awareness or in blistering marketing campaigns. Over the past 25 years, she has gained the trust and admiration of clients through her strategic marketing aptitude and can-do attitude. A ‘Mintie’ since 2010, Kelly has perfected her skills in bid writing and production, participating in the submission of EOIs, PPPs, D&C and private tender contracts at a local, state and international level. It’s through Kelly’s multiplicity of skills, results‐driven passion and ability to align strategy with core objectives that she continues to deliver winning strategies and effective outcomes.

Lily Welsh

Junior Editor/Copywriter

B.Jon and B.A (International Studies)

Lily has been part of the Mint team for over five years, starting as Administration and Marketing Coordinator, she developed her skills in communication and coordination. In December, Lily accepted the position of Junior Editor/Copywriter and now works with the Tender team to craft winning infrastructure bids in a variety of sectors. In 2022, Lily undertook the New York Times Gap Year Program, where she honed her Journalism skills by learning from industry experts and NYT Journalists. Lily is currently studying for a Bachelor of Journalism and a Bachelor of Arts (International Studies) at the University of Technology Sydney — a degree for all the things she loves— reading, writing and travelling. A fresh seedling in the tendering world, we are super excited to watch her thrive in her new role.

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Luke Phillip Lucas

Bid ManagER/Editor

M.Phil, B.A, B.CA

Remember the name Luke Phillip Lucas, his novels will be best sellers one day…but for now our literary guru is an invaluable member of the Mint team. For over a decade, Luke has proven his versatility and proficiency in all bid editing and writing through his work on a wide range of successful tenders. Indomitably positive and ever approachable, he believes in working tirelessly and meticulously with text to ensure its accuracy, consistency, and effectiveness. His extensive skills in editing, proofreading, strategic messaging, critiquing, and formatting have been invaluable on producing the winning bids for the New Grafton Correctional Centre, Perth Stadium PPP, the Sydney International Convention, Exhibition and Entertainment Precinct, the Defence Base Services Re-tender for Spotless and the Sunshine Coast University Hospital PPP.

Matilda Lucas


Ph.D. B.CA, B.A

Matilda is our ray of sunshine, but don’t be deceived by this angelic countenance. Behind lurks the razor sharp mind of an exceptionally gifted editor and our resident Phd. Since joining Mint, Matilda has edited a range of large scale bids including the Sydney Light Rail PPP, Northern Beaches Hospital PPP and Sydney Light Rail PPP. Despite the accelerating pressure of such bid work, Matilda maintains not only her eye for detail and quality of output, but also a positive outlook, motivating other team members, with a focus on the ultimate outcome. Matilda has an ability to adeptly synthesise information, ascertaining what is important and representing this in a compelling way. In critiquing documents she draws on her understanding of the government bid requirements and the overall strategy to give consortia meaningful feedback and guidance to the writers.

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Melanie Riding


M. Marketing, Dip. Psych

Meet Mel, our absolute pocket-rocket here at Mint. You can catch her (or try to anyway!) spending her weekends out for a run and diving into holistic wellness. Having worked on multibillion-dollar bids, she is a stellar proposal writer and bid manager who brings a wealth of experience in marketing and communications to the table. Mel’s communications background gives her a competitive edge on branding and strategy for bids across all industries. In recent years, Melanie has led the marketing function at Broadspectrum, managing resources, strategy and account marketing activities for multiple industries and solution businesses in Australia and New Zealand. Her strong experience is backed by a degree in Journalism and Masters in Marketing.

Paula Wilson


M.A, B.A

When she’s not working at Mint, you will find Paula skiing, maybe at Perisher, but more likely in Canada. (She lived in Vancouver for four years when her husband’s career took them there). Spending so much time outdoors its no wonder Paula is exceptional at blue sky big picture thinking when it comes to what clients want to achieve. But that doesn’t mean she can’t see the detail… she can, and she will. With two degrees, a Bachelor of Arts (Communication) and Master of Arts (Journalism), Paula is a communications powerhouse who has worked in many industries, from transport to mining, and petroleum to maritime. She will translate technical jargon to plain English, adding meaning so everyone understands. When she’s not creating compelling copy or carving up the mountain, she might be swimming laps, sipping wine, or buried in a book.

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Simone Bryce


B.A English (Hons)

Sim loves words – writing them, reading them, singing them, listening to them, speaking them. Always the life of the party, Sim has a real passion for communication and a great love of the English language. She is keen on the arts, particularly literature and philosophy, and frequents the cinema and theatre regularly. Sim is the grunt in the editing room – she’ll churn through templates, edit engineering drafts, enhance messaging and close out critiques at full steam. From being thrown in the deep end on Melbourne Metro PPP, Sim will make sure we swim to the finish line. Her attention to detail and writing ability is backed by an Honours degree in English.

Serena Williams



Serena is a true nurturer and our big-hearted Mintie. As a trained journalist and political media strategist who has worked for state and federal ministers, she combines her passion for public health with crafting beautiful copy to inspire public conversation – including the Beyond Blue campaign. She is our expert in writing policies and understands our bids from a political and government standpoint. Her training as a journalist makes her a master of the English language and exceptional at crafting compelling copy for bids and other communications such as press releases and corporate documents. She also has experience as a radio presenter, writing for television, has trained in therapeutic conversation and writes award-winning reviews and stories.

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