We are the story makers and result creators

Our Story

We believe in crafting change
that is beautiful

Our purpose

At Mint Marketing,  we strive to create change that’s beautiful!  And that applies beyond our work.

We are passionate about driving positive change in gender equity, education for girls, ending domestic violence, assisting the disadvantaged, supporting our local communities and protecting the planet (just to name a few). 

It’s this passion that unites us as team and it’s why our clients keep coming back.

We put our heart in to everything we do, but sometimes there’s a project we take on so we can contribute meaningfully to a cause that is bigger than us. Whether it’s fighting mental health, changing the way we travel, or if Sir Richard Branson asks us to help out on his quest to change the way companies do business for better, we don’t hesitate to get involved whole-heartedly!

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Our Values

Always Exceptional

Unrelenting in giving our best without compromise.
Reaching for the stars.

Ever Evolving

Greedily squeezing the most out of every opportunity and every day. Life is a journey to be explored and appreciated!

Fully Committed

Leading with passion and grit to advance beautiful change - both inside and outside. Being true to our values.

Creatively Expressive

Being less ordinary. Creating enjoyment through infusing beauty and fun into everything we do.

Present and Truly Engaging

Being there when it counts, because people are everything. Always acting with kindness and respect.

Our achievements

Bnsw 2021 awards reg winner black mint marketing
Bnsw 2021 awards state finalist black mint marketing

Our communities

While we work across Australia and New Zealand, our heart is in the Shire and our passion is for marketing.  This is reflected in our current sponsorships.