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5 Social Media Myths, Busted!

Let’s clear up some of the most common misconceptions and social media myths, so you focus your energy on how to grow your business online

(and have fun with it too!)

The social media world can be one full of overwhelm!

There is so much noise about the algorithm, the metrics, the do’s and don’ts…it’s not surprising that people throw their hands in the air and think “forget it”.

But the truth is, a lot of what’s out there is myth.

Let’s clear up some of the most common misconceptions and social media myths, so you focus your energy on how to grow your business online (and have fun with it too!)

Myth #1: You need to focus on growing your follower count

When it comes to followers, the key is quality over quantity. Truthfully, the Instagram algorithm is more concerned with your engagement rating, than your follower count. As a business owner, your priority should be making sales, or being fully booked, because 30k followers and 0 clients, won’t pay the bills!

As long as the followers you DO have are interested in (and actively engaging with) the content you are producing, you will continue to gain exposure through social media.

Focus on producing quality content that appeals to the followers you currently have rather than chasing new ones.

Myth #2: You need to run paid ads to sell through social media

Some of the most iconic social media accounts don’t run paid ads, because truthfully, you don’t need to.

The impact of quality, organic, valuable content outweighs the effect of paid advertising across most social media channels.

Paid ads can definitely boost the likelihood of securing bookings, using incredibly nuanced audience targeting, however they aren’t a necessity when it comes to success on social media.

Why? Because people are on social media to be entertained, educated and inspired, so focus on creating content that provides added value for your ideal client.

Keep things interesting. Give them a reason to join your online community and you will gradually convert them into a client!

Myth #3: The Instagram algorithm is working against me

Ahh, the elusive Instagram algorithm. It’s pesky, it’s complicated, but it isn’t out to get you!

Actually…the algorithm is designed to keep people on the app by showing each user the type of content they are most interested in, to keep them scrolling.

Here’s how it works…

When you post on social media, your content will appear in the newsfeed of a small percentage of your followers (about 10%).

If your followers interact with your content by saving, sharing, liking or commenting, your engagement rating is boosted and the post will appear in the feed of more of your followers.

The algorithm isn’t working against you, you’re working against the algorithm! Focus your energy on improving the quality of your content.

Myth #4: You should keep things strictly business online

We can all agree that the social media world is saturated with business owners who do pretty similar work to one another, right?

One of the only things separating you from your competition, is you! So showcase your personality, your quirks and the things that make you and your team different.

Of course, any interaction on your business account should be approached with professionalism – but connecting with your audience on an interpersonal level is incredibly important. 

Try producing a ‘behind the scenes’ feature on your social media – it’s a great way of balancing the professional and personal aspect of your business!

Myth #5: You need to be on all social media channels

It’s true what they say – sometimes less is more!

Whilst having a multichannel presence on social media is great for exposure and building a community around your brand, you certainly don’t need to be across them all.

Our recommendation here is to choose 2 platforms that your audience is most active on, and that you are most comfortable using.

For most businesses, that means getting active on Facebook & Instagram!

The key to success on social media isn’t trying absolutely everything, it’s finding the platforms and content forms that work best for you and your ideal clients, and nailing those first! And most importantly, have some fun with it!

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